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EarthquakeFacts.Net lists earthquake facts compiled over time and is still growing. This website also provide the history on famous earthquakes and pictures of the destruction left behind by these natural disasters. Feel free to use the information on this site for homework or study.

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Interesting Earthquake Facts
More earthquake facts you might not have heard of.

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Amazing Earthquake Facts
Additional facts on quakes

Famous Earthquakes in History
Famous earthquakes recorded around the world.

Earthquakes and Animals
The strange effects earthquakes can have on animals and insects.

Earthquakes in religion and culture
How different societies and religion view earthquakes.

The Richter Scale
Facts on the Richter scale.

What To Do In The Event of An Earthquake.
Advice that can come in handy if you are caught in a tremor.

Earthquake Pictures
Pictures of the destruction caused by powerful earthquakes.

Earthquake Links
Links to things earthquake related.

What is an earthquake?

As Earth's plates move, the rocks in the crust gets pushed and pulled, scraped and jostled. Over time, strain slowly builds up inside the rocks and friction will hold the rocks in place for years. When they can't take it anymore, the rocks suddenly crack and shift. Their movement releases waves of energy called an earthquake.

The ground shakes up and down and from side to side as energy waves, or vibrations, radiate in every direction. They move like ripples that form on the surface of a pond when you toss in a pebble. Earthquakes can tear through streets and destroy buildings that are not well built. These natural disasters cannot be prevented. We can only learn from past earthquakes to predict where they might strike next and take precaution.

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