Earthquake Facts

Amazing Earthquake Facts

Earthquake destroyed buildings

Alaska has more earthquakes than any other state.

Alaska has a magnitude 7 quake almost every year.

Alaska experiences a magnitude 8 quake on the average of every 14 years.

The most violent earthquake ever recorded in the United States took place in Anchorage, Alaska in March 1964. It measured 8.4 on the Richter scale. More than 100 people died.

Sand, mud, and water sometimes bubble up during earthquakes, gushing water and soil like miniature mud volcanoes.

An earthquake can cause an avalanche or a landslide causing snow, rocks and mud to crash down from a mountain.

The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake released enough energy to power all the homes and business in the United States for three days.

A weaker earthquake can cause more damage and death than a stronger earthquake if its epicenters is in or close to large cities.

Following an 8.1 magnitude earthquake in New Madrid, Missouri in 1811, aftershocks continued for more than a year.

A typical Earthquake lasts under a minute.

The Appalachian mountains in the United States were formed millions of years ago by thrust fault activity.

In 1989, the Loma Prieta earthquake interrupted the world series which was being played in nearby San Francisco.

Scientists predict that during the next 30 years, Californians have a 65 percent chance of experiencing an earthquake of magnitude 7 or greater.

Seismologists best information about future earthquakes comes from studying the patterns of past earthquakes.

The safest buildings can bend back and forth without breaking from an earthquake.

The Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco was designed to be twice as strong as building codes require. Its shape and structure help make it earthquake resistant.

The moon has quakes too.

The interior of Antarctica has icequakes, but these quakes happens on the ice sheet and not the land itself. Topics