Earthquake Facts

Earthquakes In Religion And Cultures

earthquakes in religion and culture

Earthquakes has been around since the beginning of man and many different religions and cultures had their own way of explaining why earthquakes occur.

Jewish and Christians of long ago believed that God sent earthquakes to punish the wicked. The sixtieth psalm in the Old Testament reads: “Thou hast made the earth to tremble; thou hast broken it...”

The ancient Greeks believed that their god Atlas lost a war against Zeus, the king of the gods. Zeus condemned Atlas to bear the Earth on his shoulders. To ease this burden, Atlas sometimes shifted the world from one shoulder to the other. When he did so, the Earth shook.

People in China explained earthquakes by saying that the Great Dragon, who lived deep inside the Earth, shook the ground when annoyed.

According to old Russian tales, a giant god traveled through the snow-covered fields by dogsled. The ground shook whenever the dogs scratched at their fleas.

Japanese earthquakes were said to be caused by sudden movements of the a Giant Catfish who carried the world on its back. Topics