Earthquake Facts

Earthquake Pictures

Here are pictures of ruins and devestation left over from strong Earthquakes.

San Jose earthquake devestation
An earthquake in San Diego shook the books off the shelves of a library.

Loma Preita quake
From the Loma Preita Earthquake in 1989. A collapsed building destroys a car.

China Sichuan quake
A picture from the 2008 Sichuan quake in China. The picture is a helicopter view of the destruction caused by the enormous quake.

Alaska earthquake picture
A gigantic Earthquake in Alaska tore up this road back in 2003.

Paso Robles earthquake pic
An earthquake in Paso Robles, California caused this building to collapse into rubble.

Hawaii Earthquake picture
Places like Hawaii has earthquakes too. This picture shows the aftermath of an office after a Hawaii earthquake.

San Francisco earthquake fire
The enormous smoke coming from the fires after the San Francisco Earthquake in 1909.

Japan quake pic
Falling debris smashed this truck and made it almost unrecognizable. This is from the Hanshin Awaji Earthquake in Japan.

Taiwan School after earthquake
A picture of a Taiwan School that collapsed after an earthquake in 1999. Topics