Earthquake Facts

The Great Lisbon Earthquake of 1755

lisbon earthquake

The Time: November 1, 1755 at 9:30 am
Death Toll: 60,000+

The earthquake, which seems to have originated on the Atlantic Ocean seabed about 200 miles from Lisbon, also triggered a series of tsunamis. Twenty-one foot waves sank ships and drowned thousands of people in Lisbon. Tsunamis created by the Great Lisbon Earthquake also slammed into coastal regions of Spain and Africa and even reached the islands of the West Indies which is 4,000 miles from Lisbon.

The shaking Earth, fires, and tsunamis claimed at least 60,000 lives and destroyed two-thirds of Lisbon. Due to uncertainties about the number of deaths from tsunamis, the toll may have actually been much higher. Topics