Earthquake Facts

What To Do In The Event Of An Earthquake

students ducking in earthquake

Having knowledge beforehand is the best way to prepare for an earthquake. Here are some easy things to remember when you feel an earthquake happening.

If you are outside, move away from power lines, trees and buildings.

If you are inside, stay away from windows, mirrors cupboards, and shelves.

Take cover under a sturdy table or desk. Hold on to it.

You can also stand under a doorway, they are one of the strongest foundations of a house.

Be prepared for possible shaking after the main quake.

If you are in a high building, stay out of the elevators and stairways.

A family can prepare for an earthquake by having flashlights, helmets and sturdy shoes, a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, bottled water, canned food and a can opener.

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